Real Housewives of New York City – season finale

First of all, “housewives”?  Bethenny, Kelly, single and now the countess is soon to be single.   Maybe a more apropos name would be “Real Mothers of New York City”.

Luann – Despite the fact that she’s beautiful, I can’t believe she’s only 43.  Personally I think she would look better with longer hair, at least  shoulder length, plus she needs to blow it straight and sleek.  She’s letting her hair have a wave in it and it looks matronly.

OMG I’m watching the show right now and at the charity auction Simon is wearing brilliant shiny skin-tight red pants.   That’s a neon sign if I ever saw one.

Wow I can’t believe the show is almost over.  It seems nothing much happened this week,  just one little pretty much disjointed thing after another: A planning meeting where of course a couple of them nearly blow arteries, the countess goes to NASDAQ, Jill talks about giving her nearly grown daughter the talk,  Bethenny gives Rosie a cooking lesson while asking her numerous impertinent questions, Jill listens to singing dogs (adorable) in exchange for donations for the charity auction, Luann teaches Bethenny how to walk a runway, which actually leads to: a fashion show with crazy gorgeous clothes, the charity auction where of course a couple of them nearly blow arteries, a season wrap-up for each housewife.


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