Millionaire Matchmaker – Lonnie and Patrick

Pardon me for mentioning Lonnie (lysol bath, quick!!!!) and Patrick in the same sentence.   Lonnie oooooozed creepiness, breathing through his sneering unsmiling mouth.  I can’t believe the sweet Sabrina let herself be pressured into going out with him.  I’m not sure she was pressured, but what other reason could there be?  You know why Lonnie likes 18/19 year old women?   My only guess is because he thinks he can control them, and a woman his own age or anywhere close won’t even have him.   

Patrick and Lola are my favorite so far!  When Lola said she liked spending time with her doggie (Patrick loves doggies too), you could just see the hearts shooting out of Patrick’s head!   And I didn’t detect any “analyzing” on the part of Lola.  She liked Patrick from the get-go and wasn’t afraid to show it.  Sweet.


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